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RPA Board Member Spotlight

Sheri Artz

Name: Sheri Artz
Title: National Account Manager
Company: Morex Ribbon
Year(s) on Board: will be 2 years

1. What prompted you to get involved with RPA and join the board of directors?

To learn about the challenges and the successes that others were having in the industry. Learned from others so that I could try to offer resources with a deeper understanding of the business, from someone else’s perspective.

2. What are the biggest benefits you receive as an RPA member?

Expanding my network which helps to grow my company brand.

3. What is the primary reason that you, or anyone else, should attend RPA’s Conference & Showcase in 2022?

Expand your network and find new resources. Also understand the challenges of others, to work together for solutions.

4. What would you say to a company that is considering joining RPA this year?

Now it is more important than ever to find new ideas and solutions for your customers and your business.

5. What is your company most excited about in 2022?

  • Supply chain returning to normal
  • Growing in new markets.

6. When you’re not at work or serving on the RPA board, what do you like to do with your free time?

Travel, Food, and Wine


About Your Company

Morex's focus continues to be on the production and distribution of fine quality decorative ribbons and competitively priced commodity ribbons for the North American market. We specialize in custom projects from printed ribbons to hand-tied bows and cut strips.

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